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Western Swim Wrap/Shawl

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Color: Turquoise

Swim Wrap/Shawl - Big Concho | Fringe Scarves


I'm excited to carry these brand new wraps in Fringe Scarves' most popular print, The Big Concho! Great for your next beach trip or poolside cover-up! Makes a great shawl or a dressy wrap for an evening out. Each corner is adorned with a matching tassel.

  • Fabric: Modal (machine washable, line dry)
  • Colors: Turquoise, Black, Off White, or Rust
  • Size: 63" x 44"
  • Edge: Hemmed Edge with Tassel in each corner

Style Tips: Great for the beach or any type of cover-up! It also works perfect as a dressy shawl or covering your shoulders on a chilly summer night.