Western Life & Style | From Ranch House to Ranch Home

Written by Tammy Payne


Posted on January 26 2023

Finding inspiration to turn your ranch house into a ranch home! Thank you to Western Life & Style for showcasing our mud-room in your post! 

"Have you ever walked into somebodies house and it immediately felt like a home? The decor speaks to the true lifestyle of the people that reside within and the aromas and sounds as you walk through the house only solidify who they are. You may see dirty boots and spurs as you walk through the door, accompanied by worn out hats and walls of wild rags. As you make your way further into the house the sound of wooden spoons tapping against the edges of pans and Marty Robbins echos in the background. The smell of cookies, candles and cattle fill your nose and you realize this is what makes their house a home. You may see a row of wooden pegs carrying bosals, hackamores, romals, spade bits and all other bridle pieces. Old ropes are strung about and maybe a saddle or two. The couch is adorned with Pendleton blankets and traditional cowboy literature from Will James, Charlie Russell and Arnold Rojas decorate the coffee table. These are the items that make a house so unique and fascinating. Let’s find some inspiration to turn your ranch house into a ranch home!" - Madeline with Western Life & Style

Western Mud Room



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