American Dakota - Harvest Mint Bucking Horses

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American Dakota Wild Rag - Harvest Mint Bucking Horses

A blend of mostly cotton, but enough silk to keep it sheer and lightweight.  These bandanas are super-duper soft and ready to wear straight from the packaging! A perfect bandana fabric! Available in our Shorty size of 26"x26". The standard cotton bandana is 22"x22", we made ours a few more inches longer to have that extra room to tie with or to add a scarf slide.

The Design? A classic vintage cowboy design from American Dakota, a rug and textile designer out of Georgia. We absolutely love what they are doing and I'm excited to carry their rugs and scarves together!  

  • SIZE: 26" x 26" (The Shorty) 
  • FABRIC: Cotton with a splash of silk!
  • COLOR: Harvest gold with neutrals and mint green highlights
  • CARE SUGGESTION: machine wash, line dry and finish off with your home iron
  • 1"x1" Fringe logo on center edge

Tips: Just tie one on! Great in hair, as a durag, on the wrist, on your ankle or tie it on your favorite purse. Can mop up sweat too!